How to Choose Topic about Technology for Research Paper

Choosing a topic about technology for research paper is not easy for high school and college students especially when they do not understand technologies and how to relate them with a subject. More importantly, you need to choose the most relevant research topics to draw the attention of readers. For example, if you want a research paper on information technologies, then you need to keep information technology in mind to find a good topic. The same is about a genetically engineer, artificial intelligence, or global warming. You need to understand the subject thoroughly before deciding on papers topics on technology.

How to Choose A Research Paper Topic

Understand the Assignment: This is the first step to get ideas for research topics. Read your research projects again and again and do proper research to get all the required data on the project. Some teachers suggest choosing a topic for analysis, summary, and essay. You need to know different aspects to find out the most suitable topic.

Get A Topic Idea: Get an idea on the subject and search for all the possible topics and then focus on the topics that you find interesting. You will find a wide range of topics for paper writing. However, the project will decide on the topic. For example, if it is an Explanatory paper, you will need a topic that can explore more than three perspectives.

Take the Help of Possible Sources: To have a better understanding of topics, you can research articles online that includes Google Scholar, Discover, Scientific American, Popular Scientists, and Science Daily.

Do A Keyword Search: Instead of using topics, you can use keywords to gather more information on the topic. Only use the information from authority sites.

Example Topics on Technology

As stated earlier, your assignment will decide the topic. With a deeper knowledge on your assignment, you can easily choose more than one topic for technological developments subjects including automation, genetically modified, science and technology, health technologies. Followings are a few examples of topics on technologies.

Automation & Society

Automation is dominating modern life and it will continue to dominate more in the upcoming years. In automation, advanced technologies are used to replace humans. If you get an assignment on automation, you will have to first decide on what you want to write on automation. If you want to appreciate the benefits of automation, you can choose the topic accordingly. If you want to be impartial, then include both positive and negative sides.

Example Topics

1. How Automation Is Going to Shape the Society

2. Is Automation Is Going to Create Social Imbalance in Future

3. Forecasting the Impact of Automation on Society

Technology & Relationship

In the current condition, technology has a great impact on every aspect of life and human relationship is not an exception. While writing about technology, you can write about how technologies have changed your relationship. You can give the example of social media, developed apps, internet, and a lot of other things that help to build a relationship. However, there are some negative impacts of technology on a relationship.

Example Topics

1. How Technology Is Affecting Our Relationship

2. How Social Media Platforms Would Look Like in 2050

Computer Dependency

Computer dependency is prevalent all over the world. All the industries including healthcare, educational, businesses, and even small size businesses are using a computer. When it comes to common usage, you will not find a wide category that uses the computer on a daily basis. While writing a research paper on computer dependency, you will not have any difficulty to find the most suitable topic.

Example Topics

1. Are We Getting Overly Dependent upon Computers

2. Would There be a Day When We Don’t Depend upon Computers at All

Thesis Topic on IT Examples

For a thesis topic on IT, you might be looking for the best topic. You will find many ways to go with it. Before planning any topic, you should understand the subject and the areas of concern. You can choose any that involves the current condition or something that caused a major impact on modern life.

Using Internet Censorship

Developed technologies effectively transfer entertainment and information causing a lot of controversies. You can compare the past with the present to support your topic.

Technologies & Human Identity

While writing on this subject, you can cover virtual reality and the benefits of this technology. Also, you should focus on ethical issues such as is it ethical to control human mind with technology?

Example Topics

1. Is It Ethical to Control Human Mind through Technology

2. Can a Person’s Mind be Completely Controlled through Technology

Computer Crime Problems

If you are writing on computer crime problems, then you will have to emphasize on technologies that help to reduce crimes and the ones causing more number of crimes. You can include all the current problems like piracy, stalking, and hacking.

Example Topics

1. How Serious the Issue of Cyber Crime Is

2. Can We Ever Thwart the Cyber Crime Menace Successfully.


Above we have discussed about how to choose a good topic to write your research paper and at the same time, we have given you some good examples as well. Now pick a topic and start with your research paper.

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